Probate Litigation

Guidance for Probate Disputes

The lawyers at Gordon & Sykes, LLP, serve our clients in estate litigation needs throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and throughout North Texas. Our Tarrant County probate litigation lawyers can assist you with estate litigation matters such as:

  •      Will contests resulting from allegations of undue influence
  •      A will or trust contest due to lack of capacity
  •      Interpreting the meaning of language
  •      A need to reform an estate planning document when an executor is no longer able to act
  •      Breach of fiduciary duty on the part of an administrator, executor, guardian, conservator, or personal representative that may involve estate fraud, stealing from the estate, mismanagement of the estate, breach of trust or failure to comply with reporting requirements
  •      An argument concerning who is qualified to serve as executor
  •      If the will does not provide for a particular problem or event
  •      Modifying or amending a will or trust that does not adequately address an unanticipated or unforeseen event

We also bring legal action in contested trust matters, which may include the clarification of the termination date for when assets will be distributed. We will provide counsel if an interested party believes they are owed money by an estate but the executor disagrees.

Our lawyers provide assistance to an executor on matters of accounting and can compel executors to make distributions from an estate when they are not complying with court orders.

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