Experience In All Legal Challenges

Surprises and curveballs are a normal part of any legal situation. Obstacles may be thrown your way, unforeseen circumstances can arise at any time, or laws could change during the process. It is important to choose an experienced, adaptable and agile attorney who is prepared to take on the challenges of the legal world head first and lead you to the finish line.

The lawyers at Gordon & Sykes, LLP have over 40 years of experience representing both individuals and businesses in the Fort Worth, Texas area in legal matters, including construction law, family law, real estate law, business law and estate issues. Decades of experience means that there are few surprises left to catch us off guard. When something new does occur, we are experienced enough to handle the situation efficiently.

A Trusted Law Firm

Gordon & Sykes, LLP is regarded in the Texas legal community as highly committed to reaching our clients’ goals. Our law firm has received many awards and honors, including the highest AV rating from independent peer group Martindale-Hubbell®.We employ attorneys who have been recognized multiple times by Super Lawyers* for quality of practice and service. Our senior partners hold board certifications in estate planning, probate law, and civil litigation.

Personalized Service for your Case

There are no middlemen to deal with at our firm. You will work directly with the attorney assigned to solve your case. We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients personally and providing each case the attention it deserves. Be assured that you will have access to your attorney throughout the duration of your legal case.


If my spouse dies, is probate necessary?

This is a frequent concern. In most cases, the will should be probated because it is necessary to transfer title to the couple’s home. However, if all of the deceased person’s assets are jointly held in accounts naming a surviving spouse with right of survivorship and there is no real estate, probate may not be necessary and the assets in question could pass to the surviving spouse without probate.