Navigate Probate with a Trusted Advisor

Our Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas board certified attorneys provide reliable and proven counsel in the estate planning and probate law.

We provide counsel and representation to executors to navigate the probate and estate administration process properly. Our services include the preparation of probate documents, creditor notices, inventories and accountings.

Complete Probate Practice

The lawyers of Gordon & Sykes, LLP, can assist with your probate needs, including:

  •  Managing a decedent’s estate
  •  Insuring property until it is sold, liquidated or transferred to the correct beneficiary
  •  Keeping a business operational while finding a buyer
  •  Negotiating oil and gas contracts
  •  The sale of assets for an heir or per the specifications of a will or trust
  •  Assisting an executor in the fulfillment of his or her duties
  •  Transfers of mortgages and other loan instruments
  •  Paying debts and closing out bank accounts
  •  Negotiating with estate creditors

You can rely on our Tarrant County probate attorneys for counsel and representation in the areas of:

  • Assisting administrators, executors, personal representatives and trustees with fulfillment of their statutory duties
  • Representing parties in heirship proceedings
  • Drafting and filing probate applications
  • Preparation of estate tax returns for the decedent’s estate
  • Resolving probate and trust disputes
  • Resolving probate and trust disputes

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