Assistance with Any Guardianship Issues

Our guardianship attorneys, based in Tarrant County, are here to assist families in guardianship representation throughout the state of Texas. Guardianships are appointed to help people who are incapacitated and not able to manage their personal and/or business affairs. The guardian executes decisions in the best interest of the individual who cannot meaningfully participate. For example, a guardian may help with paying bills or making healthcare and living arrangement decisions.

We can help appoint a guardian for a loved one, contest a guardianship, or have one removed, replaced, or investigated for not acting in the best interest of the person under the guardianship. Contact us today for more information on guardianships and conservatorships.

Appointing a Legal Guardian

We regularly assist families in the following situations:

  •      Adults with profound mental or physical disabilities
  •      Adults who have been incapacitated due to a severe accident
  •      Minors who lack the capacity to make decisions concerning their care
  •      Individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia
  •      Elderly individuals who can no longer voice opinions concerning their care

Guardianships are also put into place when a minor faces custody issues after losing their parents. A judge in probate or county court along with a guardian can decide where the minor will reside, what kind of care they need, and any other needs that should be attended to.

A guardianship can also be put into place to protect the assets of an individual who cannot protect their finances. For instance, a veteran who is incapacitated should have a guardian appointed for the management of his or her identity.

Our estate planning lawyers can help you with any of these situations, as well as ensuring that guardians comply with all of the requirements the court demands, including annual accounting reports. We can also create a special needs trust (867 trust) or a management trust (142 trust) to manage a person’s affairs in lieu of a guardianship.

Consult with an Experienced Guardianship Attorney Today

Our firm is committed to serving our clients’ guardianship needs in and out of court. To learn more or schedule a consultation, call our office at 817-338-0724 or complete our online form.

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